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Pistachio Legal Law Firm (PLL) has been dealing with Asian clients since 1976 as an independent, full-service law firm. The firm has licensed attorneys from the U.S., Europe, and Asia

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We can provide professional advice to entrepreneurs, NGOs, other law firms in Asia and abroad, start-ups, international industrial and commercial enterprises, and government agencies when it comes to legal matters in Southeast Asia

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Experienced corporate legal advice. Our team will listen and understand each case and get the results you desire.

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Our team our attorneys specialises in immigration law. We can provide our expertise to help you win your case.

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Is your business expanding or face with a business law issue? Let our knowledgeable team protect your interest.

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Do you face small claims or legal disputes? let our litigation lawyers handle it through mediation, adjudication & litigation.

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Our tax and customs knowledge can help you with your foreign tax issues or offshore tax structuring.

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We helped hundreds of client and businesses protect their copyrights, domain names, patents and service marks.

"I hired Andrew from Pistachio legal law firm to defend a friend who was looking at twenty 5 years in prison. The attention to detail on the case is what I am most impressed about. World class representation from their team. If I need any other legal aid, will definitely call up these boys."
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Benefits In Hiring A Top Defence Criminal Lawyer

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is your recommended option when your income can’t qualify you for a court-appointed lawyer in the midst of pressing penalties and hefty fines. That’s because you will have very little chances of winning a case even if you have the best IQ in the world. 

The best defense criminal lawyer is one that helps you to win the case. The lawyer should be able to spot certain arguments and factors in your case to give you an advantage over your opponent. Your case is as different from other cases as one lawyer is different from any other and any defense lawyer should understand that. A lawyer from a law firm in Singapore must have the competence and experience to know how to give your case some unique lifeline and win.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help?

Among the many tasks with which a defense attorney or defense criminal lawyer should help include representing you in a court of law to argue your case, but that is only one among the many. The lawyer will cross-examine prosecution witnesses but also:

  • Negotiate a “plea bargain“: The plea bargain can be worked out by your lawyer, and the prosecutor. This may be crucial because most prosecutors are unwilling to negotiate with defendants when they represent themselves. 
  • Negotiate for a criminal sentence that is most favorable to your situation: Instead of you getting a sentence and finding yourself back into the same criminal or crime cycle, defense criminal lawyers may negotiate a most suitable sentence and one that accommodates other aspects of helping you out of crime such as suggesting that you spend some time in a drug treatment facility or counseling or correction or rehab centers. This may help you get out of the root problem that caused your sentencing. 
  • Offer fact checks about your situation: Defense criminal lawyers are more knowledgeable than you and are likely able to understand what’s happening during your trial and what may happen after the trial. As such, they can avail of appropriate information to help you decide whether or not to accept plea bargains. Other facts are very paramount to winning your case because they form its foundation and cannot be omitted. 
  • Provide legal guidance on the case: The lawyer will have the adequate knowledge and experience to unravel any legal rules and regulations buried within regulations and laws or even in court decisions. These may be hard to know or understand when you represent yourself. Further, there are lesser chances of making representation errors or other errors related to applications and submission of relevant documents. 
  • These lawyers are better placed to know and understand the unwritten rules in the jurisdiction and which affect case outcomes or influence decisions such as plea bargains. This can help save your time by ensuring you negotiate within the law and by ensuring you only pursue the most probable outcomes. 
  • Explain hidden costs of pleading guilty: Some hidden costs and consequences that you might not understand or be aware of or conscious of even as you plead guilty to get a shorter sentence to include not being able to get employment for some time after completing the punishment. They will therefore help pursue the most reasonable route to justice. 
  • Gather evidence more easily and quickly: It may be hard to solicit for witness testimonies when representing yourself because, for the fear of their safety, witnesses may fear to speak to someone who is not an attorney. These attorneys also understand the different strategies to apply and get evidence that makes it more possible to win cases. They will also understand the best methods of soliciting for this kind of evidence and the options that work best. 
  • They can find and hire investigators and expert witnesses: They are more knowledgeable and experienced in hiring best expert witnesses that would strengthen your case or weaken that of the prosecutor. They can also investigate prosecution witnesses looking for evidence that helps your case. 

In conclusion, criminal defence lawyers are better than self-representation. They have more practical knowledge and experience that goes beyond reading books and materials. They will have the opportunity and privilege to negotiate pleas where they are needed or even work out a sentence program that’s more suitable to your situation. They will also offer legal advice about hidden rules in the judicial system

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